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LiveAgent is a fully-featured help desk and live-chat software that helps SMBs personalize their customer interactions by providing an all-in-one help desk solution.

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LiveAgent offers a live chat application, ticket management, online self-service portals, and change and license management, all as either in-suite or standalone applications.

The platform comes with over 195+ integrations to help you streamline all communication channels and manage them from a single shared company inbox.

LiveAgent offers both a free plan (see details on our highlights) and a free 14-day trial. No credit card required.

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    Free Features Highlights

    • Customer Portal
    • Contact forms
    • Slack notifications
    • Customer forum
    • Custom ticket fields
    • Internal tickets
    • Ticket satisfaction survey
    • Custom ticket filters
    • Agent notes to tickets
    • Real-time dashboards
    Limitations Highlights
    • 7 Days ticket history
    • E-mail Ticketing: 1 Email address
    • Live chat: 1 Chat Button
    • Call center support: 1 Phone number
    • Feedback management
    • Business hours
    • Departments
    • Basic Reports
    • Limited integrations

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