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Full transparency for Mr. Free Tools visitors

Who is funding this website?

Since the site doesn’t contain ads, charges fees, sells subscriptions, manages members, or even accept donations, and given the fact that running such a site costs a lot, the question arises: 

What keeps Mr. Free Tools alive?

Did you know that if you end up using a paid version of a free tool we recommend, you may help support and fund this site entirely for free?

a reader-supported website is an independent, reader-supported website. No investors fund it, and its continued activity depends entirely on our users. How?

While all the site’s tools are free, some items also offer a paid version which includes more features, extra support, etc. We may receive a small commission from these companies if you end up going for a paid version.

The commission is deducted directly from this company’s profit, and there are no extra costs to you whatsoever.

These commissions are our only income stream and help us create more helpful information, review new free tools, and, most importantly, keep Mr. Free Tools on air.

Why is our revenue stream minimal?

Because our only income is from affiliate links, and given the fact that we’re reviewing free tools only, the number of these links is minimal.

Also, we earn the commission only when the user buys a paid service and only when the purchase is made near our referral, which is quite rare since our users are looking for free solutions.

In other words, even the site’s only source of income is limited.

So why did we choose this model?
Compared to other business models, which include content restrictions, paid subscriptions, and annoying ads all over the place, this one doesn’t affect you at all!

Reliability and objectivity in our reviews

Please note that we have not been given any free products, services, or anything else by these companies in exchange for mentioning them.

We are very selective when it comes to companies that offer paid plans. We do so honestly and objectively if we recommend such a company’s free service, and we always share with you the good and the bad about using the tool.

In addition, the vast majority of items on the site do not contain affiliate links, and we do not earn anything for mentioning them.

How can you help the site and for free?

Since we do not accept donations, if you would like to support us financially, the only way to do so is to use our links.

This means that if you use any free service thanks to our review and at some point upgrade to a paid version (if any), just make sure beforehand to enter the company’s website via the link on our site.

If we have an affiliate agreement with this company, we may earn a small commission for this referral.

Your price remains the same—the company pays us the commission from its share​. You can check it out. In fact, in some cases, you’ll even get a discount because of our referral.

*If you would like to support us in other ways (all free), click here.

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