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How to Use Mr. Free Tools?

Mr. Free Tools is a directory site with an advanced search engine that helps you find the best free software, apps, and tools from around the web. Those free solutions can help you with work, projects, studies, or hobbies.

Explore 1000s of free tools using our easy-to-navigate directory with advanced search and filters that will help you find free solutions to any problem.
Find the most relevant categories from our extensive selection of 600 categories. Use our full index for a convenient view of all categories.
Compare the differences between the free licenses of your tools. You can add them to your favorites list for later reference without signing up.
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Not All the Free Are the Same

The free digital world can be challenging and confusing. That's why the site contains six types of free solutions that you can easily filter in your search.

Open Source Tools

Free and open-source software (FOSS), the ultimate free solution, is often completely free, but some exceptions are offered as a freemium.


Free Tools

FOSS or Freeware software, including proprietary solutions, is offered for free in its full version with all features and no limitations. Naturally, many tools in this category are also open-sourced.


Freemium Tools

Free version of paid software or app, offered with some limitations (limited features, limited support, limited usage, etc.). In many cases, the free plan can be enough for you.


Free To Try Tools

Free trial lets you experience the product briefly before buying. Since it’s not a classic free solution, you won’t find many such items in the directory. The ones we did add are highly recommended.


Free Micro Tools

Free simple tool that performs a basic and specific task. Those tools come to solve a particular problem and don’t include too many options and features.


Free Resources

variety of helpful free stuff we find online, such as free courses, all kinds of templates, graphic assets, video and audio assets, eBooks, audiobooks, themes, or anything else free and useful.


Examples of Free Tools

Here are some of our favorite free tools just to give you an idea. Don't forget to use the navigation buttons to switch between free types.

Homepage Free Type BTN
  • 📖 Open Source
  • 🎁 Free Tool
  •  🔓 Freemium Tool
  •   🕓 Free to Try
  •   🎯 Free Micro Tool
  •    📚 Free Resource
n8n is a tool for automating repetitive tasks and integrating multiple apps and services. It's open-source and includes a user-friendly graphical interface for creating workflows that connect different modules, each representing a specific task or action.
📖 Open Source 🎁 Free Tool
Paymo is a work and project management solution for small-medium businesses and freelancers. This solution supports remote work and offers project planning, resource scheduling, team collaboration, time tracking, and more.
 🔓 Freemium Tool
SVG Repo is a huge library of over 500,000 open-licensed SVG vectors and icons for you to use, meaning that you can use them even in commercial projects without the need for any royalties or accreditation.
   📚 Free Resource
Meet-Alfred is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps you connect with new people and find potential customers without all the hassle. It lets you create custom messages based on your contacts' actions.
  🕓 Free to Try
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