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Whether You’re Getting Into a New Field, Want to Take the Next Step in Your Current Job, or Are a Pro Who Wants to Stay Updated, You’ll Find Here Everything You’re Looking For and More.
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Do You Know That When Free Isn’t Really Free?
You Have a Good Reason to Be Skeptical. It’s So Hard to Find Truth in Advertising These Days, but You Can Stop Worrying Because Mr. Free Tools Solves This Problem for You.
Where’s the Catch?

As a wise person, when you’re offered something for free, you immediately think to yourself, “Where’s the catch?” and rightly so.

Is It Still Useful?

Suppose you find exactly the free software you were looking for; how will you know if it’s really as completely free as it says? And if not, what are the restrictions? And is it still useful in this case?

Smarter and Quicker Decisions

Mr. Free Tools helps you make smarter and quicker decisions in the tricky free digital world. Our free service gives you:

  • Useful search filters to help you choose your preferred free plan: open source, completely free, freemium, free to try, and more.
  • Rating system for apps and services released as freemium products to help you instantly understand how effective a tool is despite its limitations.
  • Highlights of the fine print that companies typically try to hide when offering their free products and services.

We make every effort to help you know immediately what is completely free, what comes with restrictions, and what those restrictions mean; so you don’t waste your time and money.

Why Else Mr. Free Tools?
Aside From the Fact That Our Service Is Completely Free and We Don’t Even Accept Donations, There Are Plenty of Other Reasons Why This Is a Great Place for You. Here Are Just a Few:
Free Service

Not only the tools and resources here are free but also our service.


The site does not contain ads anywhere and of any kind, period.

Growth Solutions

The directory focuses on solutions that will help you grow professionally and personally.

Stay a Guest

No membership system. No storing of personal information. Everything is open to guests.

Useful Filters

A selection of helpful filters to help you easily exclude items that are not relevant to you.

Advanced Search

Advanced and fast Ajax Search Engine allows you to find what you are looking for immediately.

Rating System

Freemium rating system helps you instantly understand how much a freemium tool can still be useful.

Limitations Highlights

If a tool has any restrictions, we show you its main limitations for faster decision-making.

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