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Paymo is a work and project management solution for small-medium businesses and freelancers. This solution supports remote work and offers project planning, resource scheduling, team collaboration, time tracking, and more.

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Paymo is an all-in-one work and project management tool for small-medium businesses and freelancers. It enables remote work and provides extensive features such as project planning, resource scheduling, team collaboration, file proofing, time tracking, and project accounting within a single platform.

With its project management capabilities, you can easily create projects, assign tasks to multiple people, and save them as a template for future use. You can keep track of project progress by comparing time tracked to the initial budget. Additionally, you can manage tasks using one of four different views: List, Table, Board, Calendar, and Gantt Chart.

With Paymo, you get a timer, desktop and mobile apps, and precise timesheets to track productivity. Export the data as time reports to share with clients for transparency.

The project accounting functionality to track expenses, create automated client invoices, transform proposals into projects, and get paid online will serve you well in keeping your financials close and making sure you get paid on time.

The project accounting functionality allows you to track expenses, create invoices, turn proposals into projects, and get paid online. Keep your financials in check and never miss a payment.


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    Tool ID

     🔓 Freemium Tool

    Free Features Highlights

    • Unlimited Time Tracking
    • Unlimited Invoices
    • Unlimited Projects
    • Task Views
    • Static Time Reports
    • Desktop & Mobile Apps
    • Guest Access
    • Task Calendar
    • Task Kanban Board
    • Expense Tracking
    Limitations Highlights
    • 3 Clients
    • 50 Tasks
    • 1 GB Storage

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