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Mr. Free Tools is a curated directory of the best free tools, apps, and resources online. The site focuses on free solutions that can help you grow professionally and personally in all fields.

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Mr. Free Tools started from home as a side project during the Corona pandemic and closures. After searching and using different free or cheap tools for remote collaboration, productivity, and others, I came up with the idea to curate a variety of free solutions, in one way or another, into an easy-to-use directory for the benefit of all.

Since many times free is not really free, I have added a set of filters that will help visitors choose their favorite free program.

In addition, the site contains a rating system for apps and services that releases as a freemium product to help understand how effective the tool is despite its limitations.

I hope this humble place will be a magnet for people from all walks of life to come and save some money, At least for a while, and help them learn new areas and find new opportunities that they haven’t thought of before. Therefore the directory focuses only on free solutions that can help personal and professional growth.

And that’s the reason why this website is completely ad-free, and all actions are fully open to guests without signing up. Anyone can add a free tool and publish a new post or tip.


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