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Open Source: a tool designed to be publicly accessible—anyone can see, modify and distribute the source code. Nearly all open-source software is free, but some exceptions are offered as a freemium tool. Read more.

Free Tool: a tool offered for free in its full version with all features and no limitations.

Freemium Tool: a tool offered for free with limitations (limited features, limited support, limited usage, etc.).

Free to Try: the full version of the tool for a brief period to test it before purchase (Free trial).

Free Micro Tool: a free simple tool that performs a basic and specific task. For example, a meme generator or word counter.

Free Resource: these could be free courses, graphic assets, templates, directories, or anything else free and useful.


• Android: available for download for Android devices.

• iPhone/iPad: available for download for iPhone and iPad (iOS).

• Linux: available for download for devices running Linux operating system.

• Mac: available for download for Mac PCs.

Plugin: a tool installed on another software to expand its features and functions (also called Addon or Extension). For example, an extension for the Chrome browser or a plugin for WordPress.

• Web-based: any tool you can access using an internet connection and a web browser, which means you can access it from any device (desktop, tablet, or mobile).

• Windows: available for download for Windows PCs.


Assuming the tool is a plugin or extension for software, you can narrow down the results by specifying the software.

Special Filters

• Editor’s Choice: when checked shows only recommended tools picked by our editors.

• No Signup: when checked, it filters out any tools that require registration or entering an email address from the results.

• No Ads: when checked, it filters out any tools that contain ads of any kind from the results.

• No Credit Card Required: when checked, it filters out any tools that require credit card details.

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