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SharetribeMarketplace Builder
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An easy-to-use platform for creating your marketplace. It allows you to build an online market where your users may rent or sell goods, spaces, services, and more.
EcwidMulti-Channel eCommerce
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A platform that makes it easy to sell across a website, social media, and marketplaces by centralized inventory, order management, pricing, and more.
Judge.meProduct Reviews
Read More lets you collect and display star ratings and reviews about your products and helps increases your conversion rate and buyer engagement.
Wix eCommerce
Wix eCommerceeCommerce Platform
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An industry-leading eCommerce website builder with comprehensive business features that helps you develop, run, and scale your online store.
Wave Accounting
Wave AccountingAccounting
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Wave is an online accounting platform exclusively designed for small business owners, freelancers, and consultants.
SquarePoint of Sale (POS)
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Square is a popular payment processing solution that gives users both a free app and a free reader (hardware) to swipe credit cards anywhere.
Finale Lite
Finale LiteFlash Sales
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A sales countdown for WooCommerce that helps run scheduled sales campaigns such as flash sales, seasonal promotions, and coupon code-led discounts.
SmoobuReservation & Rental
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A short-term & vacation rentals software that offers a complete solution with a website builder, channel manager, PMS, booking engine, online check-in, and more.
AdmidioMembership Management
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Open-source online mgmt optimized for associations, groups, and organizations, including user management, access control, event creation, and more.
Bundler Upsell Bundles
Bundler Upsell BundlesUpselling & Cross-selling
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Bundler Upsell Bundles is an upselling plugin for Shopify that helps you increase your average order value by applying discounts on products bought in bundles.
Ultimate Auction
Ultimate AuctionAuction
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Ultimate Auction is a plugin for WooCommerce allows adding your products as auctions on your site.
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A dropshipping app for all the popular eCommerce platforms that let you sell custom print, embroidery, and engraving merchandise in just a few clicks.

The Best Free Categories For You

The eCommerce Courses & Guides category features the best free courses, guides, and eBooks in all areas of eCommerce and for all levels.
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Reservation, Online Booking & Rental solutions help businesses manage reservations or rentals requests, allow online booking (rooms, tables, vehicles, etc.), availability calculation, payment processing, and more.
Go to Reservation, Online Booking & Rental

Search, Filters & Navigation tools help your store visitor navigate more efficiently using AJAX live search, autocomplete & auto-suggest search bar, advanced filters by any criteria, and more.
Go to Search, Filters & Navigation

Membership Management Software is designed to make it easier for you to interact with your members and automates business management tasks and communication. Those solutions often come with many features like promoting events, collecting fees, recruiting and retaining members, and more.
Go to Membership Management

Security & Access tools give you different solutions to protect your store using address validation, country-based restriction, disabling right-click and copy, restricting access to content and guise, GDPR, trust badges, and more.
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Sales Intelligence & Prospecting tools help businesses find, analyze and evaluate data on potential customers. These tools are powerful lead generation solutions that provide data and insights about new prospects or existing clients.
Go to Sales Intelligence & Prospecting

Shipping & Delivery solutions help you manage and adjust your eCommerce site shipping aspects, like syncing your store with global carrier services, weight-based shipping, transparent tracking, returns, and more.
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Live Chat is an online customer service software allowing website or app visitors to chat online with a person. A chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation and can communicate with a real person.
Go to Chatbot & Live Chat

Social Media tools for eCommerce stores allow you to add social proof & testimonials, social icons, social login, social share buttons, and more.
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Personal Finance & Budgeting software is a comprehensive financial management tool that helps you track transactions, create budgets, plan expenses, set financial goals, and more.
Go to Personal Finance & Budgeting

Store Management tools help you manage your store more efficiently using various tools like advanced product listing, auto collections, error product finder, automatically pushing down & hiding out of stock products, and more.
Go to Store Management

Subscription management software helps companies that offer their products and services on a subscription basis. Those are comprehensive solutions with many features to manage and track subscribers’ activities, set up billing options, run promotions, and many more.
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Surveys for eCommerce stores help you create and show a custom survey on the checkout page, add post-purchase survey & customer feedback, and more.
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Upselling & Cross-selling are effective ways to increase sales; Upselling encourages customers to purchase a comparable higher-end product than the one in question; cross-selling invites customers to buy related or complementary items.
Go to Upselling & Cross-selling

Spreadsheets tools provide a flexible and customizable way of organizing and analyzing data. Spreadsheet software makes it simple to do mathematical calculations on statistical data, such as totaling up long columns of numbers or calculating percentages and averages.
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Auction tools allow you to create your own online auction and handle every aspect of conducting multiple live auctions simultaneously, collecting payments, managing inventory, and generating reports.
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Bulk Edit & Update helps save time and be more productive by performing multiple actions simultaneously; You can make bulk product editing, price change, discount, categories & tags, etc.
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Sales Onboarding is the practice companies use to equip new sales reps with the skills, knowledge, and behaviors needed to be productive and engaged with your organization.
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eCommerce Catalog tools allow you to convert your online store to a catalog mode or create a customizable PDF catalog.
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Tax-Preparation Software helps individuals, businesses, and companies in tax preparation, tax compliance, and tax return preparation for various types of taxes such as income tax, corporate tax, VAT, sales tax, customs, service tax, etc.
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Checkout & Cart Tools help you create, manage, and adjust your eCommerce checkout process and help make it easy to use, boost your sales, and more.
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Data Import & Export tools help you import and export all your products, users and customers, metadata, comments, etc., in CSV files and perform easy and safe transfers.
Go to Data Import & Export

Help Desk software and Ticketing System are solutions that help you manage your customer support and improve customer experience using ticket categorization, task prioritization, ticket routing, notifications, ticket status management, and more.
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Digital Products are intangible assets for sale; for example, e-books, templates, fonts, photos and graphics, downloadable music, and many more. This category includes solutions to help you sell your digital products.
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Loyalty, Rewards & Referral Programs are incentives given to customers who actively promote and refer others to your brand. In return for their promotion, you give them rewards or points that they can redeem for free products, store credit, discounts, cashback, or other reward perks.
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Dropshipping solutions for your eCommerce store help you manage all aspects of your Dropshipping business, such as product sourcing, shipping, inventory management, order tracking, and more.
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Various tools designed especially for eBay will help you become a more productive seller and increase your sales and revenue.
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eCommerce Analytics & Reports tools allowing to manage and monitor different data like sales, marketing, user behavior, inventory, shipping, subscriptions, and more, in one place and get essential insights that help run your store better.
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The Credit Card category includes various tools to manage your credit cards, such as a credit score checker, credit report monitoring, alerts and purchase notifications, and more.
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Popups tools for eCommerce stores can help boost sales and improve the shopping experience using add to wishlist feature, popup cart, stock countdown bar, spin the wheel discounts popup, and more.
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An online marketplace is an e-commerce website where multiple third parties provide products or services, like Amazon. Marketplace Builder allows you to create your own marketplace and let vendors and customers sell and buy while you earn commissions.
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Multi-channel eCommerce software helps brands & retailers sell their products across multiple marketplaces and platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, etc. You can centralize tasks, automate operations, and improve your workflow by updating products, syncing data, processing orders, and more for all connected e-commerce channels from one place.
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Contact Center is a platform that provides businesses all the tools to manage traditional phone-based call centers or multichannel contact centers that let you interact with customers across apps, messaging, email, and social media.
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Notifications, Emails & SMS tools give you various solutions besides the traditional email campaign, such as recovering lost revenue and increasing sales by displaying recent sales notifications, back-to-stock massages, automated abandoned cart emails, and more.
Go to Notifications, Emails & SMS

Payments solutions allow you to manage transactions, take a deposit, partial & split pay, and accept all types of payments like PayPal, debit cards, and all major credit cards.
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Financial Fraud Detection software helps protect you from fraud, embezzlement, and counterfeiting by leveraging machine learning, statistical analysis, and behavior monitoring to identify the patterns and strategies used by criminals to commit fraud. Then it alerts you and helps block those fraud activities.
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Price Management gives you different tools to optimize your sales, such as price based on country, price base quantity of products, A/B price testing, tiered prices, quantity limit, and many more.
Go to Price Management

A Product Information Management (PIM) is a solution that helps businesses collect, manage and store product information in a single location and distribute it to marketing, sales, and eCommerce channels.
Go to Product Information Management (PIM)

Product Page tools allow you to customize your store product page and add sliders, galleries, tabs, extra custom fields, banners, image watermarks, FAQs, and many more.
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Voice over IP (VoIP) & Virtual Phone System technology enables users to make and receive calls from anywhere using the internet and can perform as an alternative to your local telephone company.
Go to VoIP & Virtual Phone System

Product Reviews & Customer Feedback tools help you collect reviews and testimonials from your customer, which can help increase engagement, build loyalty, and get more sales with social proof.
Go to Product Reviews & Customer Feedback

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a platform that combines practices, strategies, and technologies that help sales and marketing teams manage and analyze customer interactions and improve customer service.
Go to CRM

Promotions tools give you the tools to create discounts, coupons, and gifts to boost your sales and get more visitors to your store.
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Conversation Intelligence software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor and analyze business conversations to find valuable data-driven insights.
Go to Conversation Intelligence

eCommerce Customer Service & Support tools help you create and manage your store customer service using a help desk, FAQ page, ticketing, Livechat, Chatbot, and more.
Go to eCommerce Customer Service & Support

Pricing Optimization software helps companies optimize their price point and revenue by tracking and analyzing competitor pricing, market conditions, product availability, running predictive algorithms, matching against historical data, along with other technics and practices.
Go to Price Optimization

An eCommerce Platform is a comprehensive solution that allows the creation of an E-commerce website and lets people buy and sell physical goods, services, and digital products. You can process orders, accept payments, manage shipping and logistics, and provide customer service through an e-commerce platform.
Go to eCommerce Platform

Sales Performance Evaluation practice helps you measure your sales reps’ performance and get actionable feedback and insight about your team.
Go to Sales Performance Evaluation

Accounting software allows you to record your company’s money flow and examine your financial condition. It helps to keep track of all financial transactions, generate reports, track stock levels, monitor account balances, and many more.
Go to Accounting

Point-of-sale (POS) is where your customers check out. It can be online, at your counter, at events, or wherever you make sales. POS software allows businesses to accept customer orders and payments from many devices and collect and analyze sales data.
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SEO solutions for eCommerce allow you to benchmark and compare your store performance to successful stores, manage permalink, automatically add “alt” and “title” attributes to your product’s images, add additional fields in the product metadata, and more.
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Flash Sale is a practice that uses a Countdown Timer to offer discounts or promotions for a short period only. They can encourage potential customers to make impulse buys and help sell your surplus stock.
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Inventory Management and Stock Tracking tools help manage your store inventory via inventory planner forecasting, multi-location inventory management, stock value calculator, low stock alert, back in stock alert, and more.
Go to Inventory Management & Stock Tracking

Invoices & Orders tools for eCommerce stores help you create customized invoices and receipts, orders, packing slips, return forms, etc., that are sent automatically to your customers.
Go to Invoices & Orders

Localization tools help you localize your store or make it international by translating your site and making it multilingual, using an auto currency convertor, integrating local post service, and more.
Go to Localization

Survey software allows users to create online surveys, polls, quizzes, and other online forms. This software is helpful to all kinds of users in many different scenarios, such as receiving feedback, performing market research, measuring customer or employee satisfaction, and much more.
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Call Tracking software helps marketers identify the source of phone calls and track which ads, channels, and marketing campaigns generate the most phone leads.
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