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Pagefly is an easy drag-and-drop page builder for Shopify that allows you to create custom pages for your store, such as sales landing pages, “coming soon” pages, product pages, pricing pages, FAQ pages, blog pages, etc.

More Details

PageFly is a drag-and-drop-based software package for creating and optimizing Shopify stores to improve the customer journey and thus increase both conversion rates and sales figures.

The editor can create various pages, such as homepages, landing pages, and product pages, and there are many templates to choose from.

PageFly users can access over 50 different elements, including countdown timers, testimonials, and parallax scrolling, to achieve better conversions. The available elements are compatible with all themes.

PageFly pages are all optimized for mobile devices, and it is possible to switch to a mobile view to make changes as necessary.

Activating lazy loading can reduce loading times, which in turn aims to benefit user-friendliness. In addition, pages that were not created with this software can be converted to PageFly free of charge.


Key feature:

  • Page templates and premade sections
  • Global style settings (color codes, typographies), all from one place.
  • Quickly change your store layout with the drop & drop editor and elements like Slideshow, Tabs, Accordion, Hero banner, etc.
  • Increase conversion rate with sale countdown timer, custom forms, low-in-stock badge, add-to-cart button, compared-at-price, etc.
  • Special effects: animation, sticky section, parallax, etc.
  • Responsive design with customized breakpoints for desktop, mobile, and tablet.


PageFly offers a free plan with all the app features and 24/7 live chat support. The limitations include

  • One publishable slot*.
  • Limited tracking sessions.


*What does Slot mean?

Each slot means a published page or a published page section. A slot can be any page type: home page, product page, collection page, or regular page. So, for example, if you just need to build a front page or a landing page, you are basically not limited in anything and can use all the powerful features PageFly offers.


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     🔓 Freemium Tool

    Free Features Highlights

    • All app features
    • 24/7 live chat support
    Limitations Highlights
    • One publishable slot*.
    • Limited tracking sessions.

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