Elementor is a dynamic drag-and-drop website builder that allows everyone to create feature-rich WordPress websites without knowing how to code.

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Elementor users can customize their WordPress website-building process with hundreds of widgets, pre-made website templates, plugins, and many design tools.

The easy UI of Elementor removes unnecessary design complexity, resulting in beautifully designed and high-performing websites. It also comes with built-in pop-up forms and a landing pages builder, which helps create websites that convert.


What do you get for free?

-Drag & Drop Live Editor

-Responsive Design (Mobile Editing)

-Landing Page Builder

-Pre-made designs (100+ full-page templates and 300+ Blocks) that you can combine and easily customize into your work and save you a lot of time.

-45+ Widgets. For example:

  • Testimonials (Customer testimonials that show social proof)
  • Social Icons (Icons to your social pages like Facebook / Twitter)
  • Image Carousel (A rotating carousel or slider of chosen images)
  • Tabs (Vertical or horizontal tabs that display different pieces of content)
  • Accordion (A collapsable display of content)
  • And other 40 widgets
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