ATLAS. It is a qualitative research tool powered by AI that allows anyone to analyze data and automatically extract meaning from text, image, audio, video, geo, or survey data.

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ATLAS. It analyzes all your “soft”​ data​: Text, images, audio, video, PDF, geodata, and surveys. Explore and “code”​ your digital data, extract meaning, and create visual structures from information stored on your computer, networks, or the Web.

The platform meets various sectors’ requirements, including marketers, students, researchers, UX & product designers, data analysts, and more.

ATLAS. It can be used for interview analysis, survey data analysis, focus group analysis, literature review, user research, and more.


How long is the trial period, and what are the limitations?

A trial license lets you explore these apps with no functional limitations for up to five days within a 90-day period. After the expiration of the trial license, the program defaults to a restricted version that still lets you view projects of any size and lets you create and use projects of limited size (10 documents, 50 quotations, 25 codes, and 2 memos).

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