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CSViewer is a lightweight viewing/analysis tool for CSV files and other delimited types of files – PSV, TSV, etc.- allowing you to query data, explore relationships in data, and spot oddities by using filtering.

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CSViewer is intended for people who frequently need to find something in CSV files. We see it as a lightweight data retrieval/analysis tool. It’s perfectly suitable for non-technical users that need an easy tool to find something in large tables that can’t be loaded in Excel.

CSViewer has 4 main features:
1) View contents of CSV files
2) Profile CSV files
3) Query/analyze CSV files
4) Export filtered data

Related Tools


ParaView is an open-source multiple-platform data analysis application for interactive scientific visualization. It is an application built on top of the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) libraries.


Cluvio is a cloud analytics platform for startups and data-driven teams that helps run queries, filter results, and display data via graphs and charts.


WebDataRocks is an open-source web reporting tool for data analysis and visualization. It is written in JavaScript and is not constrained by any external framework.


ATLAS. It is a qualitative research tool powered by AI that allows anyone to analyze data and automatically extract meaning from text, image, audio, video, geo, or survey data.

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