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Sober Time
Sober TimeAddictions
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Sober Time is a mobile app to help you overcome different addictions using a sobriety tracker, motivational messages, and interacting with others in recovery.
HabitBullHabit Tracker
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HabitBull is a powerful multi-platform companion to keep track of your day-to-day habits and routines.
7 Minute Workout
7 Minute WorkoutFitness
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This app is a fast, simple, science-based way to work out anywhere, anytime.
CronometerDiet & Nutrition
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Nutrition & calorie counter that supports reaching your health or weight loss goals using a food barcode scanner, water intake tracker, supplements, and more.
WysaAnxiety & Depression
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Wysa is a mood tracker, mindfulness coach, anxiety helper, and mood-boosting buddy, all rolled into one app.
Focus To-Do
Focus To-DoFocusing Tools
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Time and task management app that helps you manage tasks using the combination of the Pomodoro technique and a to-do list in one place.
LumosityBrain Training
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Lumosity’s app is full of science-based games designed to exercise memory, flexibility, attention, speed, and problem-solving.
SelfLoveConfidence & Self Esteem
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SelfLove is a self-esteem mobile app that can help improve your confidence using helpful thinking.
SelfLoveRelaxation & Stress Relief
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JindoBlu Relaxation Games & Toys is a mobile app to help you relieve your stress and live a moment of diversion using a variety of calming games.
BestifyMeSelf Coaching
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BestifyMe is a mobile app for personal development dealing with topics such as introspection, social skills, relationships, work-life balance, and more.
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SleepCycle helps you to better health through better sleep. At its heart, it tracks your sleep cycles by listening to your sounds.
HeadspaceMeditation & Mindfulness
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Headspace is a mobile app for practicing mindfulness in your everyday life using guided meditations, calming stories paired with relaxing sounds, and more.
Motivation: Daily quotes
Motivation: Daily quotesMotivation
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Whether you’re going through hard times, like sharing inspirational quotes on social media, or need an extra push to get stuff done, this is the tool for you.
Action for Happiness
Action for HappinessHappiness & Gratitude
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App that brings people together and provides practical resources for happier living, feeling a sense of belonging, and committing to action to create happiness.

The Best Free Categories For You

Diet & Nutrition tools help you track your eating and activity habits to support your weight loss efforts using a meal planner, food diary, calorie counter, nutrition insight, and more.
Go to Diet & Nutrition
Fitness tools guide you to exercise properly, help record your exercise and training progress, track your weight trends, give you workout reminders, and more.
Go to Fitness
Addictions tools can help you overcome addictions like drugs, alcohol, porn, smoking, and other physical and psychological dependences using a supporting community, counter to track your progress, motivational messages, data on the money you saved, and more.
Go to Addictions
Habit Tracker app helps you build and maintain long-term positive habits and reach your goals, using a visual representation of your progress, valuable insights, notifications, and more.
Go to Habit Tracker
Happiness & Gratitude tools can help you adopt a more positive outlook on life using some good tips, making necessary changes, writing a gratitude journal, getting daily notifications that help you feel better, and many more.
Go to Happiness & Gratitude

Study Skills are approaches applied to learning and taking in new information, retaining and recalling data, or dealing with assessments. You may be able to reduce the number of hours you spend studying by developing effective study skills.
Go to Study Skills

The best Free eBooks, Audio Books, and Textbooks sites.
Go to Audio Books, eBooks & Textbooks

Anxiety & Depression tools can help you overcome depression, anxiety, and panic attacks using several tools and techniques like talking to a positive community, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), guided deep breathing, and more.
Go to Anxiety & Depression
The leading Blogs & Magazines in the personal development & growth field can give you various tools for self-help.
Go to Blogs & Magazines
Focusing Tools can help you stay on track and keep working and learning using tools for blocking time-wasting apps and websites to eliminate distractions, Pomodoro technique timers, and concentration music and ambient sounds.
Go to Focusing Tools
Brain Training apps & games help you improve aspects of cognition like memory, attention, focus, and processing speed using fun apps and games like sudoku, crossword puzzles, quizzes, and word problems.
Go to Brain Training
Confidence & Self Esteem tools can help you build confidence and have higher self-esteem using different technics like positive thinking, affirming your dreams and ambitions, increasing your awareness of negative thoughts, and more.
Go to Confidence & Self Esteem

Language learning tools and apps can help you build your vocabulary, acquire proper grammar, and become fluent through lessons, courses, and games.
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General Educational Resources websites offer great free resources for teaching and learning multiple subjects.
Go to General Educational Resources

The Personal Development Courses & Guides category features the best free courses, guides, and ebooks in all areas of Personal Development and for all levels.
Go to Personal Development Courses & Guides

Relaxation & Stress Relief tools and apps can help you relax and relieve stress instantly using anti-stress games, relaxing music & soundscape, breathing exercises, and more.
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Resume Builder is software that helps you create a resume and CV quickly and professionally using interactive forms, pre-made templates, and suggestions generators for a cohesive resume.
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Self Coaching apps are general personal development solutions dealing with all self-help issues and give you various tools for personal growth.
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Educational Games are designed for educational purposes and provide the player with learning and training values like critical thinking, problem-solving, sportsmanship, interaction, and collaboration with peers.
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Sleep tools can help you overcome insomnia using automated sleep cycle monitoring, dreamy soundscapes, narrated stories, sleep science content, and more.
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Job Opportunities are job search engine sites that gather job listings from various sources and list relevant open positions in your field.
Go to Job Opportunities
Journal & Private Diary apps allow you to write a private diary, memoir, journals, and notes with features like mood and activities tracking, handwriting scanner, photo diary, and more.
Go to Journal & Private Diary
Life Skills tools and blogs can help you with communication and interpersonal skills, decision-making and problem-solving, creative thinking, self-awareness, and more.
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Meditation & Mindfulness apps help you learn and master meditation skills like focused deep breathing, mental clarity, and being present by offering tools like expert-guided meditations, mood trackers, meditation timers, and more.
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The best free course and tutorial sites on various topics and at all levels.
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Motivation tools help you get motivated by inspiring you with positive affirmations, quotes, tips, insights, motivational books, and more.
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