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Brain.fm is a web and mobile app that plays AI-generated music and brainwave-altering sounds to help you focus on whatever you need to do.

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Brain.fm delivers music for the brain and helps you focus, relax, and meditate using a combination of bimodal tones. It provides music designed for the brain that brings improvements within 10 – 15 minutes of use.

Their music exists at the intersection of leading-edge neuroscience and functionally-composed original music. They leverage the experience of skilled musicians and patented technology to synchronize your brainโ€™s neural activity, helping you achieve your desired mental state.

Users first decide whether they need help for work, relaxation, or sleep, and after that, the service designs the โ€œbrainwaveโ€ of music for them to listen to.

The AI engine produces a limitless amount of music, with rhythms required for audio brain entrainment. Among others, it includes a base level of white noise shushing, different bird tweets, and a quiet electronic drone. All of the music on this service is originally created and set to stream for specific periods of time.

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