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Digital Marketing Tips


Include a call-to-action in your captions

Mr. Free Tools

Much like your bio, there’s much more to any given Instagram caption than meets the eye. Rather than post passively, captions serve as an opportunity to not only show off your creative side but also encourage engagement. Here are some examples of how you can drive fans and followers to take action via captions:

  1. Asking questions
  2. Encourage sharing via hashtags and regrams
  3. Publish “tag-a-friend” posts that encourage conversations between users
  4. Point people to your bio link

Playful captions do double-duty of encouraging action and putting the brand’s personality on display.


Start with a low advertising budget and grow profitable

Willie Messer

Once you start with PPC, don’t put all your money in the beginning but start slow, optimize your campaigns, and make them profitable and then increase your budgets.

A common mistake made by many digital marketing specialists is to spend all their budget on campaigns without first testing the waters with one or more pilot campaigns.

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