Wishpond features many valuable eBooks in all marketing areas, such as lead generation industry reports, landing page conversions, website popups, blogging for business, social media marketing, paid ads, and many more.

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Small Business Marketing

A Complete Guide to Small Business Marketing by Wishpond. Everything you need to know, including social media, Google ads, SEO, landing pages, popups, drip campaigns, and many more.

100 Digital Marketing Tips from the Industry Experts

100 Digital Marketing Tips from the Industry Experts is an article from LinkedIn written by Gary Brenton that features tips from industry experts about display advertising, email marketing, content marketing, and more.

The Business Side of Things

The Business Side of Things is a YouTube course created by The Happy Ever Crafter that teaches you how to run a calligraphy business or sell your physical and digital products.

Google Primer

Google Primer is an app designed to teach the main digital skills every business owner or freelance has to know, like digital advertising, social media, SEO, etc.

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