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The Business Side of Things is a YouTube course created by The Happy Ever Crafter that teaches you how to run a calligraphy business or sell your physical and digital products.

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What’s in the playlist:

  1. How I Film & Edit Instagram Videos for @thehappyevercrafter
  2. My 5 Best Hand Lettering & Calligraphy Book Recommendations
  3. How To Know If You’re Ready To Sell Your Work: Opinions From Over 20 Professional Artists
  4. Afraid To Put Your Work Out There? Start Here. with Laura Kelly
  5. 5 Things To Know About Selling Your Handmade Products To Shops (Wholesale 101) with Emily Arbour
  6. 5 WAYS TO GET CLIENTS FROM INSTAGRAM with Laney Schenk of @designbylaney
  7. Breaking Into Live Event Calligraphy (Or Luxury Lettering!) with Sylvia Wong of @viacalligraphy
  8. 5 Ninja Tricks To Beat The Instagram Algorithm with Jenna Rainey of @jennarainey
  9. 4 Beginner Ways To Make Money With Your Calligraphy Skills (And Exactly How To Price Your Work!)
  10. 3 Tips for Pricing Your Calligraphy Work
  11. 10 Tips For Hosting Your First Calligraphy Workshop
  12. Inspiration vs. Copying For Creatives
  13. How I Got Started (& My Best Tips)
  14. A Day In The Life: On-Site Window Lettering!
  15. 5 Books That Changed My Business – My Favourite Business Book Recommendations
  16. 3 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting My Business
  17. Pricing Advice For Your New Calligraphy Business
  18. The Great Pricing Debate: Pricing by the Hour, or by Size? 5 Artists Debate!
  19. Lacking Confidence In Your Pricing? Watch This.
  20. Top 10 Questions I Get Asked
  21. 5 Ways To Find Clients For Your Lettering or Calligraphy Business
  22. 3 Instagram Tips For Letterers & Calligraphers

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