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Web Whiteboard by Miro
Web Whiteboard by MiroWhiteboard
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Friendly online whiteboard app for any business or educational institution that makes drawing, collaboration, and sharing easy.
CalendlyAppointment Scheduling
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Powerful scheduling tool for organizing appointments and meetings between individuals and their colleagues or between companies and their customers.
MindMupDiagrams & Mind Mapping
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MindMup is an online tool that helps create and share storyboards, plan and manage projects, collaborate on maps, and more.
InoreaderRSS Reader
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Inoreader is a content and RSS feed reader with a well-designed readable interface for beginners and many options and features for advanced users.
ClickUpProject & Product Management
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ClickUp is one app that can save you the use in many others. It includes docs, reminders, goals, calendars, an inbox, and it’s fully customizable.
EvernoteNote Organizer
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Evernote helps you capture and manage ideas, projects, memories, and to-do lists.
SaveMyTimePersonal Time Tracking
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SaveMyTime is a time tracker for android devices that help you discover bad habits, monitor your work-life balance, and more.
TickTickTask & To-do List
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TickTick is a cross-platform to-do list app & task manager that helps you get everything done and make life well organized.
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OTranscribe is an open-source transcription tool that you can use straight from your web browser with an easy-to-use interface.
TagSpacesFile Manager
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TagSpaces is an open-source data manager and file navigator that takes a unique approach to organizing files on local drives by adding tags to files.
IntegromatIntegrations & Automation
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Integromat is an automation platform that allows you to automate online workflows by connecting apps and services with smart codeless connections.

The Best Free Categories For You

Project & Product Management software is a comprehensive solution for any business and profession. These versatile tools allow you to plan, organize, and manage all aspects of your project, collaborate and communicate between project stakeholders, monitor and analyze progress, allocate resources, and many more.
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An Email Client is a desktop program that allows you to access emails on your device without logging in via a web browser. Your email is downloaded onto your device, allowing you to backup your emails onto your hard drive or preferred cloud storage. Common examples are Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail.
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Task & To-do List tools are simple solutions that let you write, organize, and prioritize your tasks more efficiently. You can add a task to a calendar, set reminders & notifications, add attachments, links, and more.
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A File Manager or file browser is software for managing files and folders and running common operations like search, view, create, rename, copy, and delete files. More advanced features include organizing files by adding tags, transferring and syncing files between different devices, and more.
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Speed Reading is many techniques to improve your reading speed and still fully understand the content. By speed-reading training programs, Ebooks, videos, apps, and speed reading tests, you can achieve that.
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A File Sharing software is a solution that allows easy file transfer and user collaboration. The data is uploaded to a shared storage space and enables invited users to access it. File-sharing programs are usually used to share documents, audio files, video files, images, e-books, etc.
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Integrations & Automation tools are powerful solutions that automate workflow by connecting different apps, assigning those apps some tasks, automating the necessary actions, and pulling data from several sources and formats into one place.
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Notes Organizer or note-taking software allows writing, recording, organizing, and filing necessary information in a single place. These tools are similar to document creation apps but are intended for short-form notes or documents.
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Personal Time Tracking & Management tools help you track your work and habits, analyze your web activities, and allow you to understand where you are spending most of your time. If you're looking for teams & Employees' time management, click here.
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The best free Google Docs templates.
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Writing Assistant & Proofreading tools uses artificial intelligence to help writers review and search for appropriate replacements or errors in their work. Those tools check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes and help with word choice, fluency, structure, tone, and style.
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Appointment Scheduling or meeting scheduling tools allow businesses and professionals to manage appointments and bookings and enable clients to book, reschedule, and cancel using the software or the platform it integrates with, like a website or Facebook page.
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Spreadsheets tools provide a flexible and customizable way of organizing and analyzing data. Spreadsheet software makes it simple to do mathematical calculations on statistical data, such as totaling up long columns of numbers or calculating percentages and averages.
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Calendar software helps you organize tasks, schedule appointments, plan events, and more.
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Cloud Storage enables you to save data and files in a remote location that you can access via any device with an internet connection.
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Data Cleansing is the process of detecting and correcting inaccurate or irrelevant data records from a database. It helps you identify incomplete and incorrect parts of the data and then modify or delete the dirty data.
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Study Skills are approaches applied to learning and taking in new information, retaining and recalling data, or dealing with assessments. You may be able to reduce the number of hours you spend studying by developing effective study skills.
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AI Writer is a software that uses artificial intelligence to help you write product descriptions, short blog posts, social media posts, marketing campaigns, etc., using given keywords and a little human guidance.
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A Diagrams & Mind Mapping is a visual way to represent a certain idea or concept, structure information, and generate new ideas. A Diagrams & Mind Mapping app makes it easy to share diagrams, convert them into presentations, and enable others to access and view diagrams easily.
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A Download Manager is a simple software that helps you manage all your download files from the Internet more efficiently.
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The best free Excel templates.
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Typing tools help you improve your typing skills and speed by taking lessons, playing typing games, or conducting typing tests.
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Transcription or Speech to Text software converts human speech into a rich text transcript. These tools can transcribe audio files, video files, and live sessions and can be a very effective solution for journalists, students, marketers, podcasters, researchers, and many more.
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Web & Video Conference is an online meeting involving two or more participants in different locations. Web conferencing is mainly designed for interactive, intimate meetings, allowing seamless two-way conversation and collaboration.
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A voting system or electoral system allows organizations to run and manage elections easily and securely. It helps make a collective decision or express an opinion using votes while protecting the integrity of the voting process by preventing voters from being able to vote multiple times.
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Webmail is an email service that can be accessed using a standard web browser, such as Chrome or Safari. Gmail, for example, is webmail.
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Shared Inbox software provides a collaborative space for teams and allows multiple people to send and receive emails from the same address.
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Whiteboard software is a shared visual canvas that allows multiple users to collaborate remotely or in person. A virtual whiteboard helps share observations, ideas, and suggestions; while doing so, users can also share screens and communicate via audio and video calls or live chat.
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The best free Google Sheets templates.
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Productive Writing tools can help writers focus, be more effective, and combat writer’s block using a distraction-free text editor and calming environment that encourage consistent writing.
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Charts & Graphs tools allow you to turn any data into visual information. After inter your data, you can customize your chart type (line chart, pie chart, bar chart, etc.), change colors, text, grid, etc. If you're looking for a more advanced data visualization solution, click here.
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The best free Microsoft Word templates.
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Writing Toolkit includes various simple writing tools such as words and character counters, readability analyzer, reading and speaking time estimate, reading level checker, and more.
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Presentation software helps individuals and organizations create presentations for any purpose using a traditional slide show tool or a more modern interactive presentation with navigation, hyperlinks, and hotspots for better engagement.
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An Electronic Signature, also known as an e-signature, can replace a handwritten signature in almost any process, and it’s a legal method to get consent or approval on electronic documents or forms.
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The best free OneNote templates.
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The Productivity Courses & Guides category features the best free courses, guides, and ebooks in all areas of Productivity and for all levels.
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RSS Readers tools help aggregate information from different sources and make it easy to follow and access your favorite writers, blogs, publications, and channels and view them in one dashboard.
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Screen Sharing is broadcasting the contents of one screen to another device or multiple devices. Other users can then see your screen and watch your activity in real-time. These tools are useful for online presentations, sharing data, demonstrating software or task processes, and collaborating in real-time.
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Team Communication software allows team members to communicate efficiently, even if working remotely, via direct messages, group chats, and audio and video conferences. It also maintains the communication records, enabling new team members to learn from past experiences.
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Text to Speech (TTS) or “read aloud” technology transfers any words on a computer or other digital device like smartphones and converts them into audio. This solution can help kids and people who struggle with reading, visually impaired readers, or just use it as a multitasking tool that can read for you while doing something else.
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The best free Google Slides templates.
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The best free Resume & CV templates.
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