Tagembed is a responsive social feed widget to upscale marketing efforts by embedding social media aggregators on your website.

More Details

Tagembed is a social media aggregator that collects and displays user-generated content from any social media network, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok, Google Reviews, Airbnb, and 18+ Networks. The curated content is then embedded as a customized social wall on your website through widgets.

Related Tools


Juicer is a social media aggregator that helps to aggregate all of your brands’ hashtags and social media posts into a single social media feed on your website.


Curator.io is a social media aggregator that allows you to select different content sources such as Twitter usernames or Instagram tags and pulls them into a feed that you can embed within your website.

    Tool ID

    Limitations Highlights
    • 1 Feed
    • 2000 Views/Month
    • 5 Social Platforms
    • No LinkedIn Feed
    • 12 Hours Update Time
    • No Custom CSS
    • No API Access
    • Tagembed Branding
    • 5 Social Platforms: Twitter, Facebook,
    • Instagram, Pinterest, Airbnb
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