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StoryPrompt is a video-first platform designed to send and collect personal videos, capturing stories, testimonials, and updates as simply as sharing a link.

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StoryPrompt uses asynchronous video to help connect with customers at a human level, deepen relationships, and collect testimonials, reviews, and other powerful user-generated content. You simply create a link, send it out, and collect video or audio responses in no time – automatically transcribed and captioned.

In addition to collecting video content from your community in seconds, StoryPrompt provides all the tools needed to create a thriving video-first online community. With StoryPrompt, you can host one-on-one or group discussions with clients, co-workers, peers, or fans through asynchronous video, all face-to-face and asynchronous. Use video, audio, threads, direct messages, group chats, polls, and more to engage your community.

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    Free Features Highlights

    • Wall of Love (display a grid or carousel on your website with videos, social posts, and reviews)
    • Unlimited prompts
    • Unlimited spaces
    • Cam & screen recording
    • Automatic transcriptions
    • Video stitching & editing
    • Interactive videos
    • Blurred backgrounds
    Limitations Highlights
    • 25 video responses
    • 2 mins/video
    • Video in SD
    • 14-day history
    • Watermarked videos