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How to Become a Web Developer – Everything You Need to Know is a comprehensive guide from Career Foundry written by Emily Stevens that covers all the questions people who think to start learning web development have.

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Here’s what the article cover:

  • Is now a good time to become a web developer? (2022 update)
    • Are web developers in demand right now?
    • How has Covid-19 affected the industry?
    • So…should you become a web developer in 2022?
  • What is web development?
    • Web development vs software engineering
    • Types of web development
    • The difference between web development and web design
  • A brief history of the World Wide Web
  • What does a web developer do?
    • What does a frontend developer do?
    • What does a backend developer do?
    • What does a full-stack developer do?
    • Mobile developers
  • Programming languages, libraries, and frameworks
    • What are languages?
    • What are libraries and frameworks?
    • Other web development tools
  • How to become a web developer
    • A rewarding job market
    • Decide your learning pathway

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