Getting Started with Web Development is a 28-episode YouTube course created by London App Brewery that will help you learn HTML and CSS for Web Development.

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Episode list:

  1. How Does the Internet Actually Work?
  2. How do Websites Actually Work?
  3. What You’ll Need to Get Started – Setup Your Local Web Development Environment
  4. Introduction to HTML
  5. The Anatomy of an HTML Tag
  6. What We’re Building – HTML Personal Site
  7. What is the HTML Boilerplate?
  8. How to Structure Text in HTML
  9. HTML Lists
  10. HTML Image Elements
  11. HTML Links and Anchor Tags
  12. HTML Tables
  13. Using Tables for Layout
  14. HTML Tables Code Challenge
  15. HTML Tables Solution Walkthrough
  16. HTML Forms
  17. HTML Forms in Practice – Create a Contact Me Form
  18. Publish your Website!
  19. Habit Building: The Calendar Trick
  20. Introduction to CSS
  21. Inline CSS
  22. Internal CSS
  23. External CSS
  24. How to Debug CSS Code
  25. The Anatomy of CSS Syntax
  26. CSS Selectors
  27. CSS Classes vs Ids
  28. Learn Web Development with Angela from the App Brewery

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