Any.do is a to-do list app and a task management tool that allows users to create tasks, assign tasks to other team members, use the calendar tool to track tasks, and more.

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With Any.do, users can easily manage their personal goals and team projects all in one place. Creating tasks, assigning them to team members, and tracking them is made simple with the calendar tool. Projects can be divided into tasks and assigned to specific team members. Collaboration is easy with the ability to add notes and comments directly on tasks. Additionally, users can attach various file types, such as videos, audio recordings, photos, and PDFs, to their tasks.

In Any.do, you can create both one-time and repeating tasks. You can set reminders for your tasks based on the date and time or your location. With recurring tasks, you can choose from common frequencies like daily, weekly, and monthly, or create your own custom recurrence. Any.do also has action shortcuts that are linked to your tasks, which lets you make calls, send emails or texts, and make bookings or purchases from within the app. Any.do also integrates with third-party calendar tools such as Google Calendar and Outlook. You can access Any.do from the mobile app for Android and iOS, so you can easily manage your daily planner, shopping list, or to-do list from anywhere.

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    • Tasks & lists
    • Reminders
    • Calendar
    • Daily planner
    • Sync across devices
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    • Recurring tasks
    • Whatsapp reminders

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