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Woodpecker is an intuitive cold email tool that helps companies connect with prospective customers. It allows you to craft personalized, relevant email sequences and ensure they get delivered to your recipient’s main inbox.

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Woodpecker offers three products:

  • Cold Email: Send cold emails, automate follow-ups, and get real responses.
  • Sales Automation: Incorporate automation and testing into your workflow to reach your target audience.
  • Agency: Run campaigns for all your clients from one panel, perfect for agencies.


The Woodpecker cold email tool is a powerful solution for email outreach with valuable features such as:

  • Warm-up & recovery: Warm up your domain and protects your emails from landing in unimportant tabs or spam.
  • A/B testing: Test different elements of your email and create your future email campaigns based on what works.
  • Email list verification: Woodpecker checks for invalid email addresses right before you send your campaign to minimize unwelcome addresses sneaking through and messing up your results.
  • Condition-based campaigns & manual tasks: Create customized follow-up sequences that automatically respond to prospect actions, taking the conversation further.
  • Deliverability Monitor: This catches email delivery issues before they happen and reacts accordingly in your own interest.
  • Bounce Shield: Feel safe about the sending limits of your email provider – don’t ever get blocked.


Woodpecker gives you free access to all Woodpecker products, including all features, for 7 days or 50 cold emails. Whichever limit you reach first applies. No credit card is required, and no long-term contracts

After 7 days or 50 cold emails, all your data remains safe & secure until you choose a subscription plan or cancel.

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