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SoftMeter is an open-source analytics software that monitors the usage of your software via Google Analytics and helps you discover how your software is being used and adapt its features to your customer’s needs.

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SoftMeter brings run-time statistics (also known as product analytics, usage analytics, in-app analytics, and application telemetry) to your desktop shareware software or iOS app in an easy, quick, and free way.

With SoftMeter, you can measure your user base, understand what matters most to them, spot problems, and optimize your software.

Click here to see a comparison between the free and paid version.

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    Tool ID

    📖 Open Source
     🔓 Freemium Tool

    Free Features Highlights

    • For open-source and indie developers
    • PageViews
    • ScreenViews
    • Screen name
    • Anonymized user ID
    • Sessions (runs) per user
    • Country, city
    • Real-time application usage dashboards
    Limitations Highlights
    • Hits number limit per session: 2
    • Events
    • Screen resolution
    • Operating system version

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