ShelfTrendis is a tool for benchmarking against competitors, protecting deals from price moves, and assessing new products.

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ShelfTrend helps eBays retailers with competitor tracking, benchmarking, and opportunity identification. Key features include real-time monitoring, trend analysis, performance tracking, price comparison, and data filtering.

The ShelfTrend program lets administrators generate reports on product identifiers, categories, search terms, and competitors to assist decision-making. It enables managers to monitor competitor activity by tracking listing levels, price changes, and category rankings and gaining insight into emerging competitors, buyer demand, new product launches, and sales analytics. Also, businesses can use this platform to benchmark their products in the marketplace and identify opportunities to improve search rankings and price competitiveness.

ShelfTrend comes with search functionality that lets managers search by keyword or category across eBay and sort items or products by attributes. It can generate summaries of performance metrics, including search ranking, location, price range, inventory, listing volume, and sales velocity. Businesses can also access interactive smart charts to view data from multiple viewpoints.

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