SEO Unlocked by Neil Patel is a 26-episode YouTube course instructed by Neil Patel that will teach you the exact search engine optimization techniques he uses in his own business and consulting clients.

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Episode list:

  1. Welcome to the SEO Unlocked! 
  2. What is SEO? An Introduction to SEO
  3. Keyword Research Part 1
  4. Keyword Research Part 2
  5. On-page and technical SEO Part 1
  6. On-page and technical SEO Part 2
  7. Mastering Technical SEO Audits – On-page SEO Part 3
  8. Content Marketing Part 1
  9. Advanced Content Marketing Tactics – Content Marketing Part 1 – Lesson 2
  10. The 10 Commandments of Content Marketing – Content Marketing Part 2 – Lesson 1
  11. How to Edit Your Content For SEO – Content Marketing Part 2
  12. Discover Your Competitive Strategy – Content Marketing Part 2 – Lesson 3
  13. Over 4 Million Backlinks Built With This Simple Process – Module 05 – Lesson 1
  14. How to Get POWERFUL Backlinks for Faster Rankings – Module 05 – Lesson 2
  15. Get THOUSANDS of Backlinks On Semi-Autopilot – Module 05 – Lesson 3
  16. How To Get The Most Out Of Google Analytics – Module 06 – Lesson 1
  17. How to Setup Google Search Console – Module 06 – Lesson 2
  18. How to Use Advanced Features in Google Analytics – Module 06 – Lesson 3
  19. A Deep Dive Into Branding, Data & Experience – Module 7 – Part 1
  20. How To Create A Compelling Brand – Module 7 – Part 2
  21. Designing Your Customer Experience & Case Studies – Module 7 – Part 3
  22. 3 SEO Trends in Automation for 2022 (Trend #3 Is Coming Sooner Than You Think)
  23. Is It Too Late to Start Doing SEO in 2022? (You May Not Like The Answer)
  24. 10 Most Profitable SEO Niches to Start an Online Business
  25. My 4 Favorite SEO Tools (And The Ones That Are a Time Waste)
  26. Why Some SEO Gurus Have Been LYING To Your Face This Whole Time


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