A comprehensive guide from QuickBooks’ blog written by Andrea Wahbe teaches you how to write your own business plan in 10 steps and gives you a free template.

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Figma Lean Canvas Template

Lean Canvas Template for Figma helps you break down every big business idea, discover opportunities, and contend with internal and external influences.

Business Plan Quick Builder

Business Plan Quick Builder is an automated business plan generator that helps you easily create your business plan using ready-made templates and algorithms.


Cuttles is a fully interactive and guided business plan software that helps entrepreneurs write a business plan, do a budget, track progress, and present everything to investors.

500+ Business Plans by Bplans

500+ Business Plan Examples 500+ business plan examples by Bplans lets you explore real-world business plan examples from various industries to guide you through writing your own plan.


Upmetrics is a comprehensive business planning tool that guides you through creating an investor-ready business plan with precise financial projections.

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