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Product Management Fundamentals is a course from edX instructed by James Green that teaches you the roles and responsibilities of the product manager, how to manage innovative product teams, and more.

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What you’ll learn

  • Roles and responsibilities of the product manager. The job of the product manager, skills and competencies, and stakeholder management
  • Managing innovative product teams. Organizing and managing a product team, product development life cycle, development methodologies, and engaging with stakeholders and funding sources
  • Marketing challenges and guiding principles. Marketing challenges, common marketing mistakes, know your customer, and rethinking the 4P’s of marketing
  • Customer development. Revisiting customer development, highlights from the Customer Development Manifesto, market type and marketing, and how market type affects marketing strategy
  • Crossing the chasm. Basics of crossing the chasm, solving customer problems, segmenting the market, and expanding your market


edX free courses terms:

  • Get temporary access to non-graded activities, including discussion forums and non-graded assignments
  • Get temporary access to the course material, including videos and readings
  • Access to the course expires after a few weeks
  • No certificate

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