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Morgen is a multi-platform calendar platform that connects to several calendar providers and allows you to bring events together from various calendars and filter and toggle between multiple accounts.

More Details

Morgen is an advanced tool that not only allows the display of events from multiple calendar accounts together but also includes scheduling features and a task manager.

The app integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, iCloud, CalDAV, and other calendar feeds. It also integrates with leading to-do apps such as Todoist, Google Tasks, Microsoft To-Do, and conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex.

Morgen offers both a free version (see our highlights for more details) and a 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

*Morgen for iOS and Android is in Beta and currently available as early access to paid subscribers only.

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Free Features Highlights

  • Unlimited calendars on each account
  • Create and edit events
  • Create and edit tasks
  • Multiple calendar views
  • Unlimited Tasks & Task Lists
  • Unlimited devices
  • Unlimited one-time scheduling links
  • Personal booking page
  • E-mail reminders
  • Productivity tools and shortcuts
  • Event merging
  • Native notifications
Limitations Highlights
  • 1 Calendar account
  • 1 Recurrent scheduling links
  • No Todoist, Microsoft To Do, Google Tasks, and
  • Zapier integrations