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Memrise is a super enjoyable and incredibly effective language learning app.

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Memrise is a super enjoyable and incredibly effective language learning app.

The app’s 3-step straightforward approach to language acquisition centers on learning the most common words and phrases super fast, engaging in native speaker video and audio clips to build your expertise in the real world, and making the confidence to begin communicating in the language.

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Clozemaster is a language learning website and app that helps you learn vocab within the context of a sentence. It shows you a sentence with one word missing. You learn new words by choosing the correct word from multi-choice options.


Tatoeba is a collection of example sentences with translations for foreign language learners. Its ever-growing database contains millions of sentences from the voluntary contributions of thousands of members.

10,000 Sentence

10,000 Sentence is an open-source app that helps you learn new words in your target languages. You will be presented with a series of sentences where you must guess the order of words.


LibreLingo is an open-source web app for learning language using interactive exercises. Currently, this new project only supports Spanish learning for English speakers.


Learning with Duolingo is fun and addictive. Earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up.

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