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Mail-tester is a deliverability test tool for analyzing specific emails and their content by sending your message from your favorite newsletter/email software to its email address.

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Mail-tester generates a random email address each time you access its port. You should send a message from your favorite Newsletter/email software to this email address.

Once done, click on the Check your score button, and as soon as it receives your message, its snail will stop to give you your spam score.

Mail-tester will analyze your message, mail server, and sending IP… and show you a detailed report of what’s configured properly and what’s not.

If you send a new message to the same testing address, your previous test will be immediately deleted and replaced by the new one.

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MailGenius is a free mail tester that checks your SPF record to ensure that it's set up properly and your emails are authorized. It also tests your mail server IP address against over 100 DNS and sees if your domain or IP is listed on significant blacklists.


GlockApps is an email delivery and spam filter testing tool that helps fix potential deliverability problems with your messages before sending them to subscribers.

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    • Free for 3 checks/day.
    • Your result will be accessible for 7 days with their free version or 30 days if you create an account and use your own prefix.

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