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inFlow is an inventory management system that helps you keep costs down to increase your profits using stock and cost tracking across multiple locations, setting reorder points to prevent stockouts, and more.

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inFlow Inventory is a complete solution for inventory and order management. It offers software and hardware support to help SMBs track products, sales, and production. You can use the apps on your desktop, browser, and smartphone to adjust stock, reorder products, and manage sales and purchase orders.

Key features:

  • Reorder and receive stock with purchase orders
  • Review and buy shipping labels from over 50 carriers
  • Set approval limits for purchase orders
  • Create and manage quotes and invoices
  • Create online showrooms with VIP pricing
  • Receive payments online (US & CA only)
  • Connect to over 35 eCommerce platforms, incl. Shopify and Amazon
  • All data is protected under 256-bit SSL encryption backed by Microsoft Azure


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inFlow offers a trial version with unlimited features free for 14-days. No credit card required.

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