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EngageBay is an affordable all-in-one CRM with marketing, sales & support solution for growing businesses to engage and convert web visitors to happy customers.

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EngageBay is a marketing platform that combines CRM, lead generation, email marketing, marketing automation, and social media engagement into one platform. EngageBay allows customers to design email campaigns and automate marketing processes and sales funnels to help businesses acquire, engage, nurture, and close leads.

It has an integrated CRM that helps businesses monitor and track all activity related to customers, leads, and deals as they move through pipelines. Users can also generate leads using marketing features such as automatic email templates, customizable forms/popups, social media involvement, and more.

Mr. Free Tools' Freemium Score
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Free Features Highlights

  • Contact Management
  • Ticketing Management
  • 360 Degree Contact View
  • Tag Management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Email Marketing & Tracking
  • Autoresponders
  • Help Desk
  • Live Chat
  • Gsuite, Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365 Integration
Limitations Highlights
  • 500 Contacts
  • 1,000 Branded Emails
  • 500 MB File Storage
  • Up to 5 popups
  • No multiple Deal Tracks
  • Limited landing page builder

Mr. Free Tools’ Freemium Score

Since companies release their freemium products with restrictions, this score helps you quickly identify how useful this tool is, despite its limitations.

  • Features: rates the number of features and their restrictions compared to the paid plan.
  • Usage: rates how limited the usage is (limited number of users, monthly credits, etc.)
  • Support: rates how restricted the access to customer service is compared to the paid plan. (response time, and communication channels: forum, email, chat, or phone call)
  • Uniqueness: rates how common the tool is in the freebies world. The more unique the tool is, the fewer free decent alternatives it has.
  • Solution: rates how much the tool, with all its limitations, succeeds in solving the problem it intends to solve.


Please note that our score applies only to the free version of the tool and not the paid version.

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