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Cardhop is a clever take on contact management. It uses the same address book as the default Contacts app on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. But it lets you search, add, and edit contacts much more efficiently.

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Cardhop’s magical parsing engine is incredibly intuitive, letting you search, add, edit, and interact with your contacts using a simple sentence!

Just type in “John G” and John’s card will instantly appear. Or enter “Sarah Smith [email protected]” and Cardhop will add a new contact to Sarah’s card. Or type in “call Michael S” and Cardhop will instantly start a phone call.

Cardhop offers a free plan with basic features (see our highlights) and a premium plan. It also has a 14-day free trial for its premium version.

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Free Features Highlights

  • Add contacts
  • Edit contacts
  • Search
  • Interact with your contacts with a simple tap or natural language command
  • Birthday views/notifications
  • Home Screen/Notification Center widgets
Limitations Highlights
  • Business cards
  • Image attachments
  • Manage groups
  • Custom contact template