Calligraphr transforms your handwriting or calligraphy into a real vector font. You can specify different variants for each character, and they will be used randomly during writing to give your font a more natural look.

More Details

Calligraphr allows you to modify characters after scanning. You can use the internal image editor to enhance and touch up characters or modify their height and spacing.

Templates are customizable, you can include exactly all characters you need, and you can even adjust the size of template cells.

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Birdfont is a font editor which lets you create vector graphics and export TTF, OTF, and SVG fonts. The editor has good support for both monochrome and color font formats.

Glyphr Studio

Glyphr Studio is a web-based font designer focusing on font design for hobbyists. It has vector editing tools, full Unicode (BMP) support, import and export capabilities, and more.


FontForge is a FOSS font editor that allows you to create and modify postscript, truetype, and opentype fonts. You can save fonts in many different outline formats and generate bitmaps.

    Tool ID

    Free Features Highlights

    • Create unlimited fonts
    Limitations Highlights
    • The number of fonts you can work on concurrently is 1
    • Max. characters a font can contain: 75
    • Number of variants per character used for randomization: 2