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SimilarWebCompetitive & Market Intelligence
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SimilarWeb is used to access in-depth data insights about the performance of your competitors’ website traffic and mobile applications.
HubSpotAll-in-One Marketing Platform
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HubSpot helps businesses track and nurture leads and analyze business metrics using free CRM, marketing, sales, service, and operations tools.
CarrdLanding Page Builder
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Carrd is a cloud-based platform that allows users to build landing pages, one-page sites, profiles, portfolios, and forms.
HotjarMouse Tracking & Heatmaps
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Hotjar’s Behavior Analytics software makes it easy to go beyond traditional web analytics and understand what users are really doing on your site.
PoptinPopup Maker
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Poptin is a popup builder for companies and online markets that allowing create quickly professional-looking website popups and forms.
InviteReferralsReferral & Reward Program
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Referral Marketing Software that helps you create a referral campaign that automatically rewards your customers when they refer friends.
EndorsalReview Management
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Automated Customer Review Marketing Platform, allowing import reviews from Google, Facebook, etc., and manage your reputation from a single dashboard.
Involve.meInteractive Content & Engagement
Read More is a no-code interactive content builder that helps you easily create quizzes, surveys, calculators, and forms with a drag & drop editor.
PersonizelyWebsite Personalization
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A conversion toolkit helps to make the most of your visitors by collecting their info, increasing average order value, and boosting sales with popups.
GetProspectEmail Finder
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GetProspect is an email finder tool for LinkedIn that helps to get correct business email addresses quickly.
Snov.ioCold Email Outreach
Read More is an outreach automation platform for marketers offering a variety of tools for managing your cold emailing campaigns.
RankurBrand Mention Monitoring
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Rankur is a web analytics and social media monitoring platform with a focus on online reputation management tools.
Google Optimize
Google OptimizeA/B & Multivariate Testing
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Google Optimize makes it simple to run A/B, multivariate, and redirect tests on your website’s content to see what works best for your users.
SenderEmail Marketing
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Sender is an email marketing provider that lets you create and send personalized, branded emails using high email deliverability capabilities.

The Best Free Categories For You

A/B testing, often known as split testing, is a marketing experiment wherein you divide your audience into two groups (or more in Multivariate Testing) to evaluate different campaign versions. In other words, you can show version A of a piece of marketing content to one half of your audience and version B to another and determine which performs better.
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Advertising management solutions help simplify and automate different aspects of online advertising, such as ad campaign planning, performance monitoring, execution, analysis, and more.
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Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s referral. Affiliate marketing tools allow businesses to create, track, and manage affiliate marketing campaigns.
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All-in-one Marketing Platforms include all the tools you need to manage and automate every part of your marketing operations, including ad buying, email automation, lead nurturing, customer service, omnichannel marketing, customer relationship management, and more.
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App Push Notifications are messages that pop up on a user’s mobile phone that you can send at any time without the users having to be in the app or using their devices to receive them.
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Brand mentions are online references to your company, brand, or service. These mentions usually appear in social media, product reviews, and blog posts. The tools in this category help you automatically monitor and analyze those mentions, then you can address any negative mentions ASAP.
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Branding is the process of distinguishing one organization from another using its name, logo, tagline, brand voice, and many more. Branding tools help you build and maintain your business’s reputation and increase visibility.
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Free Classified Ads websites allow individuals and organizations to post ads for free and offer their goods or services. The term “classified” is because the ads are arranged in different classes and categories.
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Click Fraud is a digital advertising fraud that occurs through pay-per-click ads (PPC). In this type of advertising, the owners of the ads are paid based on how many visitors click the ads. Click Fraud tool protects you from competitors, bots, and click farms that may damage your business by spending money on fraudulent activity.
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Cold Email is when you send emails to receivers without prior contact with them. Although cold emailing is a subset of email marketing, it may be considered spam. To reduce the chances of your messages going to the spam box, you must personalize your emails and address only a well-targeted audience who may be interested in your offer.
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Competitive and market intelligence tools help you gather, analyze, and use information collected on competitors, customers, and other market factors for your business’s competitive advantage. Use this data to find new market opportunities, develop a market penetration strategy, and much more.
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Digital Marketing Checklists help you track the many aspects of marketing activities and components, including objectives and strategies, and allow you to be a more efficient marketer.
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Digital Marketing Toolset websites contain a variety of small online marketing and SEO tools, such as plagiarism checker, backlink maker, keywords tool, word counter, page compression, code minify tool, and many more.
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Email Deliverability Testing tools allow marketers and companies to test their emails and prevent them from going to the spam folder. The different tools will analyze your emails by various parameters and help you get to the inbox folder.
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An Email Finder is a tool that allows obtaining email addresses that have been published on the internet for outreach purposes and getting a verified business email address with company name, domain name, and more.
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Email Marketing means sending promotional and commercial messages to people in mass quantities using email to generate sales, leads, and more. Email marketing tools help you send mass and personalized emails to encourage a lead to take specific actions.
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An email signature is placed at the bottom of each email you send and help to brand your business, look more professional, and provide the information needed to contact you.
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Email Template Builder helps you create email templates using drag & drop WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. Meaning you don’t need to deal with HTML code, and you get many designing features, pre-made templates, and more.
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Email Tracking tool notifies you when an email you sent has been opened or clicked. It embeds an invisible pixel in your emails that can detect the exact time when a recipient opens it, whether the recipient clicked any link inside the body of the email, and more.
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Email Verification is the process of making sure the emails on your list are accurate, active, and belong to the people you want to reach. This is a necessary practice for keeping your emails from being flagged as spam, which damages your sender bounce rate.
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Giveaway & Online Contest tools help you quickly create viral giveaways campaigns and social media contests to grow your social media followers, email subscribers, or website traffic.
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Influencer Marketing is a type of social media marketing where brands collaborate with online influencers to market their products or services. Influencer marketing tools help both influencers and brands discover each other and collaborate.
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Interactive Content & Engagement Tools are dynamic elements that encourage active engagement from their consumers. Typical examples are calculators, quizzes, animated infographics, or social games.
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A Landing Page is a one-page website with a specific goal created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. Visitors “land” on that page after they click on a link in an email, ads from Google or social media, or other sources.
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A variety of free & useful Digital Marketing courses, tutorials, and guides for all levels will help you improve your skills in all marketing fields.
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Mouse tracking tools collect data about the users’ mouse cursor positions on the screen, including how they scroll and where they click. A website heatmap is a behavior analytics tool that does similar work and visual how people interact with your content. Session recording, as the name suggests, records and displays visitors’ activity on your site.
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Popup Maker tools simplified the website popups creating process using a drag & drop editor, a pre-made template, and many more features to help you capture more leads on your site.
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Pay-per-click (PPC) is an online advertising model in which the advertiser pays every time someone clicks on its ad. This advertising model is offered primarily by search engines (e.g., Google) and social networks (e.g., Facebook).
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Public Relations software allows PR professionals to engage with their audiences, manage their media & press relations, manage feedback, and optimize PR tasks.
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Referral marketing or word-of-mouth marketing is when your existing customers introduce your business to their family, friends, and contacts to become new customers. You, in return, give some reward to the customer who makes the referral. The tools in this category will help you run a referral campaign easily.
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Review Management software helps companies get more positive testimonials and reviews, respond to negative feedback on time, and improve customer perception of the business’s product or service.
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Social Proof is a psychological phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others. In a marketing context is evidence that other people have bought and valued a product or service offered by a company—for example, customer testimonials, product reviews, case studies, and more.
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Text Message Marketing software allows sending promotional SMS messages to customers or subscribers. You can personally message each customer or automatically send bulk messages based on your calendar.
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A Video Testimonial is a video of a satisfied customer or client praising a business. In most cases, they describe how that company’s product or service has helped them solve a problem. Video testimonial tools help businesses automatically request praise from happy customers.
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A Virtual Tour is a marketing tool that can help bring new customers and clients to your business by creating a simulation of an existing location like a hotel, restaurant, and more, usually composed of a sequence of videos or still images.
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Visitor Identification is an account-based lead generation approach that helps businesses identify website visitors by matching the visitor’s IP address against companies’ databases with the final goal of converting them into customers.
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Web or Digital Analytics software helps business owners, marketers, web developers, and analysts track and analyze website visitors and measure web traffic. Those tools provide crucial businesses insights and data such as customer behavior, content-interaction metrics, demographics, and much more.
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Web or Browser Push Notifications are messages sent from a website looking like an alert-style notification that pops up on desktop and mobile devices. These notifications are sent any time the user’s browser is open in the background, whether the user is on the website or not.
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A Webinar also referred to as an online seminar or webcast, is an online event hosted by an organization/company and broadcast exclusively to an online audience. Webinar technology is mainly designed for large group meetings and events with robust audiences.
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Website Personalization allows businesses to provide users with individual experiences suited to their requirements and interest rather than giving a single, broad experience website.
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