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Woorise is a viral giveaways & contests creating platform helping businesses connect with an audience and collect leads using giveaways & online contests.

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Woorise is an easy way to create viral giveaways & contests, landing pages, and engaging forms such as surveys and quizzes from a drag & drop builder. Worries help small businesses connect with an audience, collect leads, and close sales.

In addition to its free plan, Woorise also offers a full-featured pro plan for a 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

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ShortStack is an interactive marketing solution that lets you create unique contest landing pages and quizzes, run social contests, choose winners, send emails, and analyze results - all from one place.


Gleam is a marketing platform that helps you run campaigns that help users engage and promote your business using contests, giveaways, email forms, and collecting user-generated content.

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     🔓 Freemium Tool

    Free Features Highlights

    • Unlimited Campaigns
    • Pre-Made Layouts
    • 1-Click Random Winners
    • CSV Export Data
    • Conditional Actions
    • Multi-Language Support
    • Publish Anywhere
    • Analytics
    • Fraud Detection
    • Privacy & GDPR Tools
    • Bio-Link Page
    • Refer a Friend
    Limitations Highlights
    • 200 Entries/mo
    • Custom Share Image
    • Multi-Page Forms
    • Country Restriction
    • Advanced Fields
    • Limit Submission Rules
    • Accept Payments
    • Polls, quizzes, and surveys
    • CSS Customization
    • Woorise Branding
    • Custom Domain

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    • Usage: rates how limited the usage is (limited number of users, monthly credits, etc.)
    • Support: rates how restricted the access to customer service is compared to the paid plan. (response time, and communication channels: forum, email, chat, or phone call)
    • Uniqueness: rates how common the tool is in the freebies world. The more unique the tool is, the fewer free decent alternatives it has.
    • Solution: rates how much the tool, with all its limitations, succeeds in solving the problem it intends to solve.


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