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Web Design Course by Flux Academy is a 21-chapter YouTube course that covers everything you need to know to get started as a web designer.

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Episode list:

  1. Introduction to Web Design | Episode 1
  2. Basic Web Design Software | Episode 2
  3. Brief History of Web Design | Episode 3
  4. Intro to Typography | Episode 4
  5. Using the Right Image for Your Web Design | Episode 5
  6. Intro to Layout | Episode 6
  7. How to Use Colors in Web Design | Episode 7
  8. Why Hierarchy Is So Important in Web Design | Episode 8
  9. Using Wireframes in Web Design | Episode 9
  10. Creating a Good Hero for Your Website | Episode 10
  11. Website Content Structure | Episode 11
  12. UX/UI Best Practices for Web Design | Episode 12
  13. Photo Editing 101 for Web Designers | Episode 13
  14. Design a Homepage With Adobe Xd | Episode 14
  15. Getting Your Website Ready for Development | Episode 15
  16. 5 Website Types & How To Design Them | Episode 16
  17. How To Find Web Design Inspiration To Stand Out | Episode 17
  18. 3 Psychology Principles Every Web Designer Must know | Episode 18
  19. Tools To Develop Your Website (Webflow, Wix & More) | Episode 19
  20. 3 Tips to Improve Your Typography | Episode 20
  21. Content Strategy & Information Architecture | Episode 21

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