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The Definitive Guide to Influencer Marketing from Influencer Marketing Hub, written by Werner Geyser, is an in-depth tutorial on one of the most successful forms of marketing today.

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Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started with Influencer Marketing
  • 1.1: What is Influencer Marketing?
  • 1.2: Influencer Marketing vs. Content Marketing vs. Brand Ambassadors
  • 1.3: Why do You Need Influencer Marketing?
  • 1.4: How Can Influencers Help Your Business
  • 1.5: The future of influencer marketing
  • 1.6: How to get started
  • Chapter 2: Define Your Goals and Find the Right Influencers
  • 2.1: Define Your Goals
  • 2.2: Define Your Target Audience
  • 2.3: Define the Best Type of Influencer for Your Brand
  • The Different Types of Influencers
  • 2.4: Steps to Find the Right Influencers
  • 2.5: Tools to Find Influencers
  • Chapter 3: Influencer Outreach
  • 3.1: How to Do Influencer Outreach
  • 3.2: Ingredients of a Successful Influencer Outreach
  • 3.3: Templates for Influencer Outreach
  • Chapter 4: How to Work with Influencers
  • 4.1: How to Collaborate with Influencers
  • 4.2: Influencer Relationship Management (Relationship Nurturing)
  • 4.3: How to Integrate Influencers into Your Campaign
  • Chapter 5: How to Successfully Run Your Influencer Marketing Campaign and Measure ROI
  • 5.1: How to Manage Your Campaign
  • 5.2: A Checklist for a successful campaign
  • 5.3: Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Campaigns
  • 5.4: How to Measure Reach, Engagement, Leads, and ROI
  • 5.5: Conclusion

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