Favicon SVG Wave
SVG Wave is a customizable gradient SVG wave generator for UI/Website Designs. It offers a minimal GUI toolbar to customize layers, colors, crests, and wave heights. The designs are SVG and PNG exportable.

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SVGOMG is an easy-to-use visual compression of SVG files allowing you to eliminate metadata, comments, hidden elements, and more.


Vector graphics editors like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape embed information in an exported SVG file which is not required for presentation. This tool removes such extra details, reducing your SVG files' size.


Glyphter allows you to take SVG files and map them to a character grid using a drag & drop editor. You can then output and use your font anywhere.

SVG Circus

SVG Circus enables you to create cool animated SVG spinners, loaders, and other looped animations in seconds.


Iconizr takes your SVG drawings and processes them to a CSS icon kit, coming in several different flavors.

Warp SVG Online

Warp SVG Online is a simple web-based tool that allows you to upload any SVG file, wrap it however you like and save the result.

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