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StartEngine is an equity crowdfunding platform for thousands of investors and traders searching for startups and helps entrepreneurs fund the next phase of their growth.

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What do you need to launch?

Corporate documents like Articles of Incorporation and Board Resolutions to approve your fundraising.

Financial: You have a few options:

  • Save on upfront costs and self-certify your financials to raise up to 107K.
  • Use one of StartEngine low-cost, preferred CPA vendors and get a 2-year independent financial review done to raise up to $1.07M from the start.
  • Get a full financial audit in order to raise up to $5M from the start.


If you start with self-certified financials, you can always commission the financial review during your offering in order to raise more than 107K. Similarly, if you start with a financial review, you can commission a financial audit during your offering in order to raise more than $1.07M.


StartEngine fees

They charge 7% of total capital raised for Regulation Crowdfunding offerings, an additional 2% of what you raise in equity, as well as $10K in deferred revenue that They collect when the offering is complete.


Recommended reading their Popular FAQs page.

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