Snappify is a code snippets tool that helps developers present, explain, and easily share their code.

More Details

Snappify will help you to create and manage your code snippets.

It allows you to explain complex coding concepts by adding multiple code windows, annotating with text and arrows, highlighting important parts of the code, and more.

Snappify offers a free plan (see highlights on the sidebar) and three premium plans starting at $5/month when billed yearly.

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Duckly is a collaboration tool for development teams that enables you to talk and share your code in real-time with developers using any IDE.

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    Free Features Highlights

    • Sync snaps and folders
    • Brand your snap with your profile info (Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn & Instagram)
    • Export as image
    • Code highlighting
    • Download 10 snaps
      per month without a watermark
    Limitations Highlights
    • Sharing 100 views/month
    • No image upload
    • Snap storage limit: 3