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SeaTable is a spreadsheet/database like Airtable. It helps to manage different kinds of data in a single platform. With built-in automation rules, scripts, and APIs, you can automate data processing with no code or little code.

More Details

The core features include:

  • A spreadsheet-like interface supporting a collaborative editing
  • Mobile-ready UI to be used on browsers in mobile system
  • Unlimited rows in a single base
  • Interconnect data between bases
  • Automate data processing without coding
  • Powerful APIs as well as SQL interface
  • Self-hosted, with no restriction on API calls


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KEXI is a visual database applications creator for designing database applications, inserting and editing data, performing queries, and processing data.

LibreOffice Base

Base is an open-source, full-featured desktop database front end that is part of LibreOffice's office suite. Base caters to power users and enterprise requirements, providing native-support drivers for some of the most widely employed multi-user database engines.

Apache OpenOffice Base

Base is an open-source, fully featured desktop database management system, a part of the Apache OpenOffice suite. Base offers wizards to help users new to database design (or Base) to create tables, queries, forms, and reports.


Airtable is a cloud-based project management solution that uses a spreadsheet format to organize data.

    Tool ID

    Free Features Highlights

    • Unlimited tables
    • Unlimited JavaScript and 100 Python runs
    • Unlimited bases
    • Unlimited tables
    • Filter, group, and sort
    • Import / Export (.csv, .xlsx, and .dtable)
    • Notifications
    Limitations Highlights
    • 10.000 rows
    • 2 GB for files
    • 1 month versioning
    • Maximum team size 25