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Plottr is a visual story-planning software for professional and aspiring writers that helps you easily arrange your scenes, plots, and character arcs so you can quickly find your way to the end of your tale.

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With Plottr, you can easily visualize plotlines, scenes, and character arcs across books and series. You can also track your characters and locations for consistency throughout your work.

Plus, with 30+ proven plot templates to choose from, you’ll never be short on inspiration. And when you’re ready to export your work, Plottr makes it easy to do so in MS Word or Scrivener format.

The software is available for all devices: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Plottr offers a 14-day free trial for all its plans.


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Plot Factory

Plot Factory is an online collaborative story planner that lets writers plan, organize, and write stories & fictional universes.

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