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Markup Hero is a screenshot and annotation tool that works on the web. Made for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome. Markup Hero helps you capture ideas, communicate clearly, and stay organized.

More Details

Markup Hero makes it easier for you to stay organized, communicate, and capture ideas. Use the screenshot app and image/PDF uploader to capture and share ideas quickly.

Using the annotation tools, you may express your message concisely on any image, PDF, or website. With a click, you can quickly access your notes and markups and make changes. Titles, collections, histories, and custom settings help you keep all of your markups organized.


Markup Hero offers three plans, of which two are free:

  • Sidekick (Free):ย For individuals that want to try risk-free without an account. No Sign Up Required.
  • Hero (Free):ย For individuals that want the basic tools and features with history for 10 markups per month.
  • Superhero ($4 / month): For professionals & teams that need access to all the tools and features with unlimited usage.


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    Tool ID

    โ€Š๐Ÿ”“ Freemium Tool

    Free Features Highlights

    • Instantly sharable links
    • Custom keyboard shortcuts
    • Offline clipboard screenshot
    • Scrolling screenshot
    • Text, arrow, line, rectangle, oval, pen & highlighter tools
    • Select background, colors, line thicknesses & font sizes
    • Object move, rotate, undo, redo, delete, send to back & send to front
    • Modify any markup with duplicate
    • File types: Images, PDFs & websites
    Limitations Highlights
    • File uploads: 10 / month
    • Edit markups & annotations for 3 days
    • See your history for 3 days
    • 8MB Max size per fileย 

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