Linkody is a link profile analysis that checks your backlinks 24/7 and sends you email reports to alert you if any of your links are removed or changed.

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Linkody uses link metrics and analytics to help you improve your link acquisition strategy. Linkody is a complete and simple-to-use link monitoring and management tool that replaces spreadsheets and desktop apps.

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LinkHunter is an easy-to-use link-building tool that can help you find link opportunities and handle the outreach with automatic follow-ups, instant email address discovery, built-in email templates, and SEO metrics.

Backlink Checker by SE Ranking

SE Ranking' backlink checker and analysis tool can give you valuable data on your competitors' sites, including numbers, lists, and graphs.

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    Free Features Highlights

    • Know when you lose or gain links via email alerts
    • Get insights in competitors’ link building strategies
    • Analyze your link profile with tons of metrics
    • Quickly identify and disavow bad links
    • Easily manage all your links and domains in one place