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InVision is an online whiteboard and productivity platform that gives you clarity, collaboration, and control of everything you need to power your design process.

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InVision Freehand is a cloud-based digital product design tool that assists developers and organizations of all sizes in creating and managing prototypes.

InVision allows users to integrate the complete product design workflow. Teams can use the digital whiteboard to generate freehand sketches, draw wireframes, and collect feedback from teammates on all work-in-progress designs.

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Spacedeck is a self-hosted real-time collaborative whiteboard application with rich media support. Use Spacedeck for mood boards, collages, as a collaborative digital whiteboard, or design thinking.


WBO is an open-source online collaborative whiteboard that allows many users to draw simultaneously on a large virtual board.


Excalidraw is a virtual collaborative whiteboard tool that lets you easily sketch diagrams with a hand-drawn feel.


OpenBoard is an open-source, cross-platform teaching software for interactive whiteboards designed primarily for use in schools and universities.


Stormboard is a collaborative whiteboard app that helps teams capture and organize ideas, prioritize tasks, plan projects, and manage meetings.

Web Whiteboard by Miro

Web Whiteboard by Miro is a friendly online whiteboard app for any business or educational institution that makes drawing, collaboration, and sharing easy.

    Tool ID

     🔓 Freemium Tool

    Free Features Highlights

    • Unlimited public and private spaces
    • Pre-Made Templates
    • Voting
    • Version History
    Limitations Highlights
    • Up to 100 active users
    • 3 Whiteboard
    • No advanced team management features
    • No advanced security features

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