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InLinks is an Entity SEO or Semantic SEO software suite based around a proprietary Natural Language Processing algorithm and one of the largest independent knowledge graphs outside of Google.

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Inlinks is a Powerful content optimization tool for SEO. It is built around its own Knowledge base and can find topics in your content that are now yet understood by Google. This powerful Knowledge Graph and Topic based approach also allow you to automate internal linking and content schema creation.

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Entity-based SEO Guide

Entity-based SEO Guide by InLinks is a comprehensive guide that aims to show why you need entities to make your SEO effort more effective and how to use entities to improve on-page SEO, consolidate a site’s architecture and improve your traffic acquisition strategies.

Semantic SEO Guide

Semantic SEO Guide by InLinks provides an in-depth foundational understanding of Semantic SEO. Web search engines and particularly Google, increasingly focus on Semantic indexing and retrieval of content based on the concept of "entities".

InLinks Blog

InLinks Blog will help you learn everything you need to know about Semantic SEO and get the latest news, trends, case studies, and in-depth guides.

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    • Keyword Research/Planning
    • Content Schema automation
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    • Optimize content twice a month
    • Internally link text in 25 pages