GetTerms is a terms of service and privacy policy generator for websites, web apps, news platforms, eCommerce sites, and blogs. It’s free to generate a simple terms & conditions document, covering compliance, usage, ownership, liability, and governance concerns common to most websites.

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GetTerms offer easy-to-read policy templates and legal documents while ensuring they meet the high standards you would pay thousands for elsewhere.

It covers all common privacy laws covered, whether you’re in the USA, Europe, the UK, Australia, or other countries around the world.

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WebsitePolicies allows you to quickly build legal policies for your websites and apps specific to your needs and helps you protect yourself and your company against liabilities, lawsuits, and fines.

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    Free Features Highlights

    • Basic Website License
    • Generic Privacy Policy
    • Text Version
    • HTML Version
    Limitations Highlights
    • GDPR, CCPA, CalOPPA Ready
    • Tailored Privacy Policy
    • Customizable Disclosures
    • Terms of Use