This great tutorial will guide you on managing your Amazon FBA inventory using a spreadsheet. It also comes with a pre-made template for Excel and Google Sheets with formulas for inventory tracking.

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Amazon Inventory Mgmt System Using a Spreadsheet

This comprehensive tutorial will teach you to create your own inventory management template using proper spreadsheet structure and formulas. It also gives a free template.

Inventory management 101 by Amazon

This official article from Amazon will guide you on what inventory management is, why it is important, eight tips to help you manage inventory, and a FAQ on the subject.


InventoryLab allows you to manage your inventory and view total in-stock value, sales value, accounting details, and much more. The platform also helps research products, simplify listing, and track profitability.


Shopkeeper is a profit dashboard for Amazon sellers that tracks sales, calculates profit, and forecasts inventory. It helps you figure out how many units to restock, which ASINs are losing money, which variations are selling better, and more.


RestockPro is a flexible, easy-to-use inventory management tool with powerful decision-support and automation functionality.

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